Trudeau Committed to Controversial Trump Executive Action

Trudeau Committed to Controversial Trump Executive Action

United States president Donald Trump finally met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau face to face, at the White House, on Tuesday. The atmosphere seemed very cordial, relaxed and full of smiles from both parties. That myth according to which Trudeau makes everyone smile seemed to hold as he managed to get Trump out of his usual, tense mood. The two leaders issued a joint statement which was very positive and did not mention anything negative whatsoever.

A joint statement

According to the joint statement, the United States considers Canada the “most important foreign market”. The two countries are doing two-way trades which flow $2 billion across the border each day. This is very good because it sustains good-paying jobs for lots of Americans and Canadians alike. Apart from this, the statement talked about the fact that the two countries have the “world’s largest energy-trading relationship”. This works to the benefit of both nations as energy and environment are two of the most important areas. Both leaders reportedly agreed that the Keystone XL pipeline continues to be a priority for them.

However, the main focus of the statement was the border security. Interestingly enough, it did not mention anything about the myth according to which on 9/11, the terrorists entered the United States through Canada. Both leaders agreed that the security of the border is crucial for both nations. This is why they must join their forces and build more infrastructure and implement some important protection strategies like co-locating border officers. All for the wellbeing of the two neighbors which seem to be getting along extremely well.

Nothing to worry about

For those people who were maybe thinking that the meeting between Trudeau and Trump would be cold, they have nothing to worry about. Canadians especially were not sure about how would Trump react. Also, if he would be as combative as he was with both leaders of Mexico and Australia in his previous meetings. They were right to worry because as seen from outside, their personalities differ greatly. Trudeau is a liberal. He promoted global trade and let’s not forget that he received 40,000 Syrian refugees into his country. President Trump, on the other hand, we all know what he thinks. His recent travel ban (which has been suspended for now) and the ideas he often exposes are very different from Trudeau’s. The U.S. president wishes to get rid of the illegal immigrants, not welcome them.

Until now, Canada has not been in any of Donald Trump’s aggressive tweets. And this is always a good sign. The president has nothing against the country’s neighbors and has no reason to not listen to Trudeau respectfully and establish a bond between their nations. From the joint statement, the meeting went on great. It is certain that they also talked about things that they disagree on, but maybe they did it in a respectful manner. After all, Justin Trudeau is known to be a pacifist person, unlike his later father, Pierre Trudeau, who was more combative and straightforward. All in all, we can only hope that the relations between the two nations are going to be as good as they are now, in the future too.

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