Trump Calls London Mayor ‘Pathetic’

Trump Calls London Mayor ‘Pathetic’

President Donald Trump called London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘pathetic’ for telling Londoners that there was no reason for them to be alarmed after a terrorist attack on London Bridge last week. It is the second time in as many days the U.S. leader criticizes Khan.

 Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his ‘no reason to be alarmed’ statement,

tweeted Trump on Monday afternoon.

London Mayor’s Response

A spokesperson for Khan responded to the U.S. president first Twitter outburst by saying that the mayor had more important things to do than giving a reply to Trump’s ‘ill-informed tweet’. Khan’s office accused Trump of taking the mayor’s remarks out of context.

A few hours after the terrorist attack in which 7 people lost their lives and 48 more were injured. Trump took to Twitter to lecture the mayor for his response. Khan had reassured residents that the increased police presence in the city was no reason to be alarmed.

Trump underlined that the death of 7 people should be a reason enough to be alarmed. The U.S. president has urged the U.K. to implement a travel ban on Muslim refugees and visitors juts like the U.S. is trying to do.

In a recent tweet, he acknowledged that his executive order barring entries from six countries with a high risk of terrorism is a “travel ban’ regardless of what people call it.

Trump also vented his frustration over the Justice Department inability to preserve the travel ban in its original form. Trump was disgruntled with the executive order’s “watered down, politically correct version” that recently reached the Supreme Court.

Trump Threatening with Extreme Vetting of Visitors to U.S.

Trump pledged to extreme vet any people entering the U.S. as the nation’s courts are too slow and political.

On Sunday morning, a group of terrorists drove a vehicle into a corwd of pedestrians on London Bridged and stabbed several other people in a nearby market. Seven people were killed and 48 landed in a hospital with injuries.

London Police said that they apprehended “a number of people” after multiple raids in the neighborhoods in east London. Authorities also announced that they had identified the three dead attackers and that they would soon release the names.
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