Caught Again! CNN Claim Technical Glitch

Caught Again! CNN Claim Technical Glitch

On Sunday, United States president Donald Trump posted a Twitter message in which CNN cut off Senator Bernie Sanders. According to Trump, Sanders used the term “fake news” to describe the network and CNN cited technical difficulties. However, the network responded immediately and said that what Trump claims is false and that they never cut off Sanders. Moreover, the Senator had used those words as a joke.

A controversial interview

Indeed, during the interview which Donald Trump is talking about, Senator Bernie Sanders did use the terms “fake news”. He was talking about a video in which Trump was claiming that he had not heard any reports about Michael Flynn speaking with Russia about sanctions. Then the host proceeded to ask Sanders whether or not he thought that it was an issue that Trump did not know about the reports. To which the Senator answered that maybe Trump had watched “CNN fake news”. Then the network went to commercials. However, just before that, Sanders specified that he meant everything as a joke. To which the anchor agreed.

Brian Stelter, CNN’s media analyst quickly responded to Trump in a tweet and also posted a link to the interview. Moreover, he specified that Trump said the technical difficulties started happening at 7:14 during the interview. They actually happened at 6:40. Of course! Attack the time not the actually occurrence. 

CNN responds

However, CNN did not stand by and immediately posted a Twitter message in response to Trump’s message. They clarified the situation while adding a transcript of the interview with Bernie Sanders from Fox & Friends.

A bizarre claim

The connection with Senator Sanders was indeed lost, that being the cause for which the program took a commercial break. However, CNN claims it had nothing to do with the Senator’s joke, which. After the break, he came back and went on with the interview for nine more minutes. He talked about the travel ban and other current topics. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump’s attacking Twitter post echoes an article from the website InfoWars

This situation is extremely important as the fight against the spreading of fake news continues. Social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook are doing more and more in order to stop this phenomenon. CNN continually finds itself in shady dealings during their new broadcasts. It is a wonder they are even still in business. 

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