Trump Compares U.S. to Nazi Germany in a Tweet

Trump Compares U.S. to Nazi Germany in a Tweet

During his presidential campaign, president-elect Donald Trump was compared to Adolf Hitler more than one time. So, why would a man who faced this comparison make the undeniable mistake of posting a tweet in which he compares the United States to Nazi Germany? The answer is unclear. His strong reaction came as a criticism for the U.S. intelligence agencies who allowed the controversial information from his Russia-related dossier to “leak”.

An unhappy comparison


Many people, especially Germans, were not happy with this comparison and many of them said that nobody should ever experience Nazi Germany ever again. However, Trump did not stop here and on Wednesday, he talked once again about his unfortunate comparison. He tried to explain the idea behind his words during his first press conference since July. Still, instead of slowing down and trying to make some sense, the president-elect doubled down on his statement and insisted that intelligence agencies acted like Nazi Germany when they allowed the information to “leak” to the public.

The Anti-Defamation league kindly asked the president-elect to apologize for his statement. Still, what is Trump actually trying to do by using this kind of comparison? He may see it as a metaphor, but it is a very wrongly used one. Is he trying to use the Nazi reference as a symbol for persecution? By doing this, he maybe tried to counterbalance the fact that people compared him to Hitler. So, he decided to send a subliminal message which says that he is the one being persecuted actually. Nobody knows.

It is not nice to compare anything with the Nazi regime

Many politicians have made Nazi comparisons in the past. And things did not end well for them. Usually, it is not something a decent person says. So, here you have it. In 1985, former German chancellor Willy Brandt compared a secretary-general of the rival party with Joseph Goebbels. He was Hitler’s propaganda minister and one of the people who had the horrible ideas behind the Nazi regime. More recently, in 2002, then-Justice Secretary Herta Däubler-Gmelin was expatriated because of her comparison of George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

However, many historians think that German people do not agree at all with these comparisons because, in their eyes, Hitler is the supreme evil. The source of all the crimes committed by their nation. Germans nowadays are apologetic and they wish that something as horrible as the Nazi regime would not have existed. In their opinion, Hitler is the worst of the worst and nobody can surpass him, ever again.

All in all, it is still unclear why did the president-elect choose to tweet something like this. Maybe everyone is making false ideas and he is just having fun, trolling everyone. Maybe there is a deeper meaning we still do not get. One thing is certain. To start your mandate as president of the U.S. with a Nazi Germany comparison is not a good sign. At all.

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