White House: Spying On Trump Was Wider Than Just Wiretaps

White House: Spying On Trump Was Wider Than Just Wiretaps

On Monday, two very important White House officials said that people should not have taken president Trump’s wiretapping accusations literally. Instead, they said that the president was referring to a wider range of surveillance efforts. Those have reportedly been conducted during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, actually said that the president does not really think former president Barack Obama personally wiretapped his New York headquarters. He also explained the president’s tweet and the use of the word “wiretapping”. Spicer said it can mean lots of different types of surveillance. Moreover, the press secretary also stated that some reports indicated to them that someone indeed surveilled what was going on during the presidential campaign.

The White House speaks

Those declarations represented the very first time the White House came out and tried to offer an explanation as to what prompted president Trump to post that Twitter message. He actually posted a series of messages in which he accused Obama of wiretapping his headquarters. He even called him a “sick guy”. White House’s intervention happened after the Justice Department received a Monday deadline from the House Intelligence Committee to bring solid proof for Trump’s claims.

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s senior adviser, also said on Sunday that Barack Obama could have used a ton of other ways to spy on the president during the campaign. She even offered the example of a microwave which can easily spy on you. Her statement sparked lots of Internet jokes, apart from those already involving her. 

FBI Stalls

All those rather contradictory statements belonging to Spicer and Conway are doing nothing else but prove how unorganized Trump’s inner 
circle is. Their “explanations” come as a replacement for Trump’s nonexistent ones. The president has still not come out to clarify the 
situation. However, Congress is investigating and public hearings start on March 21st. What is interesting is that so far this week Democrats
 have backed off claims about Trump colluding with Russia. Also the FBI has been reluctant to hand over documents to congress about the 

Sean Spicer also said on Monday that many news outlets actually reported this situation. Now, nobody wants to come out and admit it. According to him, the proof is in the news reports. He would be correct the New York Times reported that conversations with Trump officials were picked up via wiretaps. All in all, it seems like the mess regarding president Donald Trump’s claims that Barack Obama wiretapped his office does not seem to end soon. 

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