CIA Takes a Major Blow and Hunts For the New ‘Snowden’

CIA Takes a Major Blow and Hunts For the New ‘Snowden’

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released an entire trove of documents, consisting of thousands of pages, describing the way CIA is hacking people’s smartphones, computers and other Internet connected devices. Experts are saying that this might be the biggest leak of CIA documents in history. Even worse than the Snowden one. The documents are describing in detail various techniques and software tools which the agency used or it is currently using. Moreover, it also includes instructions on how to compromise various computer tools which can have spying purposes like Skype, for example. Apart from those, there are numerous PDF documents in there and instructions on how to bypass numerous antivirus programs which lots of people have on their personal computers. Basically, the leak is a walkthrough on how to spy on people.

The documents are legitimate

According to intelligence officials, they have analyzed the documents which WikiLeaks released and those seem completely legitimate. However, there is a bigger problem here. They do not only put the country’s cyber operations in great danger, but they can act as a map for foreign parties that might want to know how the United States operates in such cases. By knowing this, they could twist the methods into their advantage. Also, attack the country with its own weapons. Former counterintelligence officer for the FBI Eric O’Neill said that this situation can prove to be even more serious than initially thought because the United States already has some issues defending itself. Now that all those tools have been exposed, not only the ability to defend from, but to also attack other adversaries has been compromised.

A huge blow to the CIA

This latest reveal is yet another huge blow to the intelligence agency who has been facing some issues recently. For example, there are numerous programs in the leak, one of which explains step by step how to crash a certain computer you want destroyed. Others tell you how to steal passwords and so on. According to WikiLeaks, the release counts 8.761 documents and files. This could prove to be the biggest publication of such important documents to ever hit the CIA. Many people compared this latest reveal with Edward Snowden’s one. The former NSA contractor released a number of documents which offered details into the way the United States was making surveillance efforts.

However, a United States intelligence officer stated that this new leak might be even worse than the Snowden case. That one offered an inside view but it did not affect too many people. It sparked headlines and surprised lots of people. What happened now could be much more dangerous for thousands of people all over the world. This is not only about the United States. He compared the leak with a gun which any adversary can now use against the CIA and the country. Any effort the nation has done to defend itself from enemies has now been in vain. Among the most dangerous players he cited Russia, China and North Korea.

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