Windows 10 Receives Universal Hulu App

Today Windows 10 receives universal Hulu App.

It appears that Windows 10 receives universal Hulu App for all its devices, including PCS, smartphones and tablets. The new version can be downloaded from the Windows Store and includes support for Live Tiles and for Cortana.

Hulu was previously available on Windows 10 through a Windows 8.1 app or a Windows Phone 8 app. The app worked on both computers with Windows 10 and smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile. However, the latest version consists of a universal app that works on all personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

All you need to do is head to the Windows Store and download Hulu, or simply update the app to its latest version. The new app will adapt its interface to the device you are using. Keep in mind that the Hulu app is only available in the United States.

According to the Windows senior manager, Greg Sullivan, this release does not include support for Xbox One, even if the UWP (universal Windows platform) and Hulu are available on the console. This is because the voice commands for Cortana are not yet featured on third-party apps for Xbox.

So what are the new changes? If you update to the newest version of Hulu, you will be able to navigate the app by typing directly in the search bar of Windows. Furthermore, you can ask Cortana to start certain sections of Hulu, even if the app is not open. Vocal commands include:

  • “Hulu go to movies”
  • “Hulu find [TV show name]”
  • “Hulu watch [TV show name]”
  • “Hulu watch the latest episode of [TV show name]”

If you have never watched the TV series you are searching for, the Hulu app will open and start playing the first episode of the show. However, if you have already started watching a couple of episodes, the app will begin playing the episode where you left off. This feature makes tracking TV shows extremely easy, and you will not need to bother remembering the last episode you watched anymore.

The new app can be pinned to the Start menu or the taskbar, but users will also have the option of pinning specific shows or documentaries. Since Hulu also has Live Tiles support, the tile for the app will display recommendations and new shows that you might enjoy watching.

Windows 10 receives universal Hulu App at the same time with the release of “11.22.63”, the new original show from Hulu. The first episode titled “The Rabbit Hole” is available this week to those who do not have a Hulu subscription.

Image Source: Hulu